Levi's Big E Trucker Jacket (S)

€ 995,00


Levi's is an iconic brand with so much history. We love that history and there is so much to learn about it not only from a social economical or design perspective, but also from the way they designed their clothes for the last century. Of course the blue jeans and the use of rivets is what made them famous, but the trucker jacket is in a close second. Especially the history of how Levi's designed and engineered their clothes, makes it possible to do research on them, find out rather exactly when and where they were made and price them accordingly.

This is why some might think we are crazy but you have to realize that these jackets are often highly sought after by collectors as they are truly unique pieces. Sure there are loads of sneaker collectors out there, but in the end you will always end of with a pair of sneakers of which at least a few hundred were made and they will all look exactly the same. When it comes to denim each and every other piece is unique. And when a piece like this pops up that is even more true. What we have here is an original Levi's Big E Type 3 trucker jacket model 557 made somewhere around 1966. It must have been store in a bit of a damp place which has caused the button to erode bit, but which also gave it this amazing fade. It is a true original, all details are correct and the Levi's connaisseur knows this. 


- Original Levi's Big E Type 3 denim trucker jacket from 1966
- Made in USA
- Great condition with nice fades due to water
- Size S
- Measurements: shoulder 41cm, pit to pit 43cm, back 56cm, sleeve 62cm
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Levi’s is easily one of the most well know apparel brands in the world. They have gained this name simply because they where responsible for the creation of the blue jeans as we know them today. In 1873 Levi Strauss & Co. together with Jacob Davis patented an improvement to workers jeans by the means of adding a copper rivet to stress points on the jeans thereby hugely enforcing their strength and durability. In 1886 they introduced the so-called Tow Horse Trademark depicting the horses trying to pull apart a pair of blue jeans symbolizing the strength of the garment. This trademark is still being used today on the the leather labels on the back of Levi’s jeans. As ‘early’ as 1934 Levi’s introduces the first blue jeans for women and shortly after that in 1936 the famous red tab on the right hand back pocket makes its appearance on the iconic 501 model jeans. From the 1960s onwards Levi’s expands into Europe and Asia. Ever since Levi’s has been at the forefront of the garment industries and we at Concrete Matter love the beautiful heritage of the brand and the seemingly endless source of hidden treasures the brand still offers.


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