Woolrich Hunting Jacket Checkered (XL)

€ 179,00


The Buffalo Plaid, Red and Black Checkered Plaid, Mackinaw Plaid or in Dutch 'Houthakkers' (Lumberjack) Plaid has been a staple fabric for the outdoors in North America ever since the mid 19th century. It's oldest name is probably Buffalo Plaid and first coined around 1850 by a designer at Woolrich Wool Mills. This jacket, which is dated somewhere in the late 1970s and still in great condition. The drawstring is missing but can easily be added if a tailored fit is desired.


- Original ca. 1970s wool Buffalo Plaid Hunting Jacket
- Size: XL 
- Great vintage condition with some signs of wear
- Measurements: arms 59cm, pit to pit 64cm, shoulders 50cm, back 76cm


Woolrich has rich history spanning over 190 years of making everything you need to enjoy the outdoors. Their focus has always been on crafting fine and warm wool not only for people who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle but also the US Army when they were called upon to help. John Rich started milling wool out of Plum Run Pennsylvania  in 1830. Woolrich were the very first to make garments in what they called Buffalo Check in 1850, a combination of black and red checkered patterns and which we have come to associate with classical American outdoor apparel ever since. During the First World War the help out by making blankets for the US Army. 1925 sees the birth of the Pennsylvania Tuxedo in other words a Buffalo Checkered wool pants, coat and hat! In 1939 Woolrich helps to outfit the US Antarctic Service Expedition which establishes bases on the coldest continent on earth. When the Second World War breaks out, Woolrich again provides blankets as well as socks and coats for the US troops. Up to today Woolrich makes clothing which is both stylish and functional. At Concrete Matter we love their timeless made in USA pieces and they have become one of our most cherished brands ever since we found our first Woolrich Buffalo Plaid Mackinaw.

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