Fokker G1 Desktop Model

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Fokker is truly an aviation icon and one the Dutch can be righteously proud of. He was at the cradle of countless aviation inventions that have shaped the landscape of aviation up to today. He was for example the one who found a technique in which the German biplanes in WW1 could should though the propeller without ever hitting it. Which was what the French and British were doing.

This model is of a great plane which did not see enough action for how great it was. The double tail construction is similar to the very famous P-38 Lightning, but the Fokker G-1 performed even better. During those few days in May 1940 a few took off and really gave the German invaders a hard time. The German even captured an intact plane and would use it.

This elegant display model does great justice to this plane. Mounted on a stand it is just that little touch of aviation history and engineering skill that your desk needs.


  • Original model from the ca. 1950s
  • Modern stand
  • Measurements: height 12,5 / 4.9 inch width 16cm / 6.2 inch


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