A-2 Deck Jacket C.B.'s

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When people who know a thing or two about clothing history hear the name "A2 jacket", they surely think of the iconic leather flight jacket. This, too, is an A2 jacket tough. However, this jacket is a rarer type worn by the US Navy from the early 1960s on wards. It is also lesser known than that other deck jacket, the N-1. This jacket has an extra thing going for it, the Seabee's embroidered emblem on the chest pocket. C.B. stands for Construction Battalion. The have risen to fame since the attack on Pearl Harbor and their cool logo: a fighting bee represents what they do. They work like bee's around the ship but are able to sting like them as well.


  • Original jacket from 1968
  • Wears like a roomy L
  • Great vintage condition with everything in tact but slight fading to the green


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