Vintage Wrangler Basic Denim Jacket

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Wrangler belongs to the big three in denim land. Together with Levi's and Lee they have shaped denim culture and its rich past. Wrangler jeans where originally made by the Blue Bell Company and the focussed specifically on rodeo jeans. Like every self respecting denim brand a denim jacket should be one of their staple items. Wrangler denim jackets follow a different cut then Levi's and Lee and have thus gathered their own following. This nicely faded example is from the 1970s and has not lost but only gained a lot of charm over the years. The indigo is faded there are signs of wear and some bleach spots to make this jacket extra unique. They are not made up in a factory but its signs of real life usage. Exactly what a denim jacket is for.


Original denim jacket from the ca. 1970s
Size: M
Measurements: shoulder 46cm, chest 56cm, length 60cm, sleeve 63cm 


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