Shane Wezenberg

The Concrete Matter Style on point blogposts is a tribute to our loyal and stylish customers. For the second post of this tread we proudly present to you the one and only Shane Wezenberg.


Name: Shane Wezenberg
City: Amsterdam
Occupation: Store manager at La Casa del Habano Amsterdam.

Short introduction about yourself

I am a simple man. As long as I can ride my motorcycle and have a cuban cigar from time to time I’m happy.


What is your favorite vintage garment and why do you love it so much?

My favorite garment is my Barbour International jacket because the coolest guy (Steve McQueen) on earth used to rock it and it is perfect for riding. It has a lot of pockets and is windproof.


What do you focus on when buying clothing?

A couple of things. I think that fitting is important, I don’t want to wear something that is uncomfortable or is way too big. And it has to suit my style.


What do you like to do most in your spare time?

Besides riding and Cuban cigars it would probably be listening to music or watching a really good tv show.


Why shop at Concrete Matter

Easy question. The quality is really good and the guys at the shop are cool and they pick all the items in the shop themselves. I don’t believe that there is another shop like Concrete Matter in the Netherlands.


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