Available now!
A great location for your pop-up store, event, gallery, project space or anything you can think off that could work in this great space.
What we offer:
  • 100m2 store location on an A location in the city centre of Haarlem, close to Grote Markt but just off the main shopping street in the so called Golden Streets district
  • 35m2 office space, storage or extra store m2 in the back 
  • All the store inventory you need including POS-systems
  • Eye-catching store front and big window displays
  • Flexible options for the duration of your pop-up
  • Period of availability from June 1st till September 31st or parts of this periode of course
  • Lots of summer tourists in Haarlem!
  • A video of the space is found here.
Contact us
Jacob 06-52044993
Tomas 06-52305773
Address of the location: Warmoesstraat 24, Haarlem


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