When you enter our, currently christmas-decorated, store and look to your right, you find yourself looking at a huge painting. What you see, varies on the day you set foot in the shop. For instance, at this moment an anatomical school chart of a skeleton looks you straight in the eyes. But who knows, the next day the dusty plains of Australia could be hanging on the wall. And the next week, suddenly a beehive appears. These are our renowned school charts. We have such a wide variety of school charts for your eyes to feast on!

We are hunting all over the world for these old charts. Some of you might even remember these charts from the their schooldays, when computers and PowerPoint didn’t exist. They are a great living memory of those times, even if you haven’t experienced the charts in class. Back in the day, they were used to learn children topography, anatomy, zoology and botany. Now they re wonderful decorating, educational objects for your house. These vintage school charts can now spice up any room, or bring that classical touch to your kitchen or office. You will be amazed how much your kitchen will improve with a school chart of colourful birds, or how classy your office looks with an old chart of showing the map of England and Wales. Even a botanical scene is a wonderful addition for your living room.

Our two most recognized school chart artists are Dr. Auzoux and Jung Koch Quentell.

Some of our striking charts were produced in Paris by the Dr. Auzoux company, with Paul Sougy as the illustrator. The Dr. Auzoux company was founded in the second half of the 19th century. They were renowed for their paper-mache incredibly detailed anatomical models. They focussed on classroom charts in the 1940s. Their shop in Paris remained open until the 1980s. Dr. Auzoux school charts are relatively rare and vary greatly in price and condition. Their almost psychedelic charts look like delusions from a dream, yet this is what makes them so special. They serve an educational purpose and are just wonderful to look at. The Dr. Auzoux school charts are just pieces of art on their own. They can show you the weirdest scenarios and you can look at them for hours, wondering what the great Dr. Auzoux had in mind when he created these masterpieces.

The charts from Jung Koch Quentell are from Germany  and used since 1960’s as a teaching aid in school. Its hard not to fall in love with the colourful charts from Jung Koch Quentell because the charts are almost “alive” on their own. For instance the chart that is hanging right behind the counter in our store now, is a Quentell, showing a detailed version of a beautiful drawn snake.

In short, school charts are much more than just ordinary teaching models. One can be amazed what can be found in old dusty school depots. Over the years, they transformed in pieces of art and great decorative objects for any room in your house. They all tell their own story. School charts are more trendy than a painting yet they are classy, not like an ordinary poster. And to top it off, you can even learn something!

Check out our school chart collection!

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